• I got a job as a RN at Good hope home healthcare in Crystal lake, il! Indeed allowed interested employers to contact me, and saved me the hustle of filling out lengthy applications that led to nowhere.


    Crystal Lake, IL

  • I got a job as a Retail Customer Support Representative at Verizon Wireless in Atlanta, Georgia! Indeed's posts were updated daily in chronological order. Whenever I was looking for a job close to home or in the field that I was looking in, all I had to do was type it in the search box and I found everything I needed. The jobs are real and the opportunities are real. Indeed does all of the grunt work for finding a suitable job!

    Atlanta, GA

  • I got a job as a .Net Developer at Randstad in Phoenix, AZ! I was able to search for Jobs I wanted with my skill set and now I have my dream career. I have been going to college for years and about to graduate my salary is amazing. I am so happy I was able to find this job. Indeed is amazing with all the different postings I was able to find the company with the right match :D

    Jessica Williams

    Phoenix, AZ

  • I got a job as a Teller at Bank of America in Winston Salem, NC! I regularly check my Indeed app on my iPhone and saw an opening for a Teller position. I applied two weeks ago and I start next Wednesday!

    Winston-Salem, NC

  • I got a job as a Lifestyle Specialist at Haynes Furniture in Richmond, VA! I was on Indeed every single day for almost 4 months trying to find a job. Finally, I found the perfect one that I have been looking for. Indeed helped me by matching me to the right job by sending me job alerts and narrowing down my search. Thank you Indeed!

    Richmond, VA

  • I got a job as a donor recruiter at florida blood center in melbourne, fl! I found this job posting on Indeed- shortly after I applied I was called in for an interview and offered the position. Indeed is a great sight with legitimate job postings... Thanks Indeed

    Ashley W

    Melbourne, FL

  • I got a job as a Store Manager at TMX Finance in Winder, Georgia! I got actually got two job offers by using Indeed. One @ Wells Fargo as a Teller, and one @ TMX Finance as a Store Manager! Thanks to the constant email alerts from Indeed. If you remain presistent and keep @ it, something will come through for you. Thank you Indeed!!!

    Winder, GA

  • I got a job as a Teller at BB&T Bank in Winston-Salem! I found an opening for a teller position at BB&T in my area and applied. I was called the next week for an interview and was called the following week with a job offer!

    Winston-Salem, NC

  • I got a job as a Logistics at Ikea in Philadelphia! Indeed made things easier and organized with jobs in my field. THANKS INDEED! Will highly recommend to people to use this site.

    Philadelphia, PA

  • I got a job as a Social Worker at Cigna in Philadelphia, PA! Indeed helped me to connect to a specific career track doing what I really want to do. Indeed made my job search much easier. Thank you.

    Karmen C.

    Philadelphia, PA

  • I got a job as a Clinical Microbiologist in New York, NY! Forum post helped me in finding potential interview questions.

    New York, NY

  • I got a job as a Stock Associate at JUICY COUTURE in Manhattan, NY! You posted the job! One thing I love about Indeed they get access to the applications as SOON as they are posted! THANKS SO MUCH


    Manhattan, NY

  • I got a job in Tavares, FL! I RECEIVED A JOB ALERT ON 2/18/13...SAID -We are looking to pre-interview for this opening on Monday, November 26,2012 with interviews at the client site to take place on Tuesday. Please submit your resume for consideration and be prepared to interview at any time.

    Tavares, FL

  • I got a job as a cashier at home dopt in boston! indeed is great it helps me know when jobs are hiring at any time of the day and it keeps you posted I only been looking for a week and got two interviews in the same week and now im a new employer at home depot cant wait to start


    Boston, MA

  • I got a job as a OTR truck driver at Henderson Trucking in Aurora, CO! Google searched available truck driving positions in Aurora, and Indeed was the 3rd Google search listed, and Henderson was the 1st driving job listed. I called Henderson, 2 weeks later, they flew me to their terminal and I went to work right away!

    Mark M

    Aurora, CO

  • I got a job at Mantek in Lake Charles, LA! Indeed helped me connect with an awesome company. Thanks!!!

    Lake Charles, LA

  • I got a job as a Strategic Planning Administrative Assistant at Green Key LLC in Bridgewater, NJ! I posted my resume on Indeed and the temp agency contacted me with an excellent position through their company at a major pharmaceutical. I could not be happier and I'm hoping this role leads to a full time position at this company.

    Bridgewater, NJ

  • I got a job as a Marketing Technologist at Rockett Interactive in Cary, NC! I worked in the video game industry for the past 7 years. When our video game studio had significant reductions, I wasn't sure how I would survive as majority of the video game jobs were on the West Coast. I couldn't relocate, I have almost no education and tons of work experience within a industry I could not work in again unless I moved. To make things more complicated, I had just bought my first house, had my first kid and My wife and I were trying to plant some roots in North Carolina. Against all odds, I didn't give up. I worked in online marketing for various multi-million dollar products and some major brands. I tailored my resumes to highlight my achievements and experience with some major digital products. So, I was on Indeed.com every day searching for the right position and applied for dozens upon dozens of positions that I knew were a right fit for me. I had interviews, failures and everything in between for 3 months of unemployment. Then magically, someone saw the value in what I had to offer and gave me an amazing opportunity in digital marketing where I could use extensive experience within a new industry. I tell you, it was tough getting back on the train. I was watching my son full-time and sending resumes out when I found the time. I didn't think I was going to find anything in my area because the competition was fierce. However, I found my position within a listing on Indeed.com and you will too.

    Glen 'Famine' Swan

    Cary, NC

  • I got a job as a Personal Banker at First Conveinence Bank in Grand Prairie, Texas ! I uploaded my resume to the employer through Indeed and they actually called and offered me a position!!

    Grand Prairie, TX

  • I got a job as a Assistant Manager at Hess in Philadelphia, PA! I typed in Assistant manager and i seen multiple postings for Hess. I applied and emailed the Human resources for Hess Express. I got the interview and now i have the job!

    Philadelphia, PA

  • I got a job as a Theme Park Hostess at Six Flags in Washington, DC! I used Indeed.com and applied for a theme park hostess job with Six Flags a month ago and was just hired and completed their orientation. This is the fastest response I ever received job hunting after more than a year out of work. Thanks, Indeed!

    Washington, DC

  • I got a job as a Practice Administrator at Pinsky & Lickstein Plastic Surgery in Palm Beach Gardnes, FL! Indeed provided quality opportunities in an easy to manage format, allowing me to choose wisely and invest my search time effectively.

    Linda Masterson

    Palm Beach Gardens, FL

  • I got a job as a Federal Officer at TSA in Queens, NY! Daily postings. Now I'm up for Supervisor! Thank you Indeed!

    Queens, NY

  • I got a job as a CSR at Goodman Dist. in Fort Worth! I posted my resume, and a staffing company called me saying I was a good match for a job they needed to fill, and I was hired a couple of days later.

    Fort Worth, TX

  • I got a job as a Detailer/ Merchandiser at Frito Lay in Nipomo,Ca! I checked daily on indeed.com for the latest positions. There are new opportunities daily of all type of industries.I highly recommend Indeed.Thank you so much. For all of you looking for a job, don't give up and give Indeed an opportunity to help. Good luck!


    Nipomo, CA

  • I got a job as a Managed Care Coordinator at Signature Healthcare in Brockton, MA! I found the job on Indeed and was called by employer the next day.

    Brockton, MA

  • I got a job as a Sales Associate at The Home Depot in Campbell, ca! Indeed.com has an impressive number of listings! When I lost my job after an unfortunate situation, Indeed.com was my primary tool in finding and applying for positions. The search results I was given based off the type and hours I desired from a job were very accurate. Eventually I got a position at The Home Depot, which is turning out to be an AMAZING employer that puts a great amount of effort and resources to train their employees. I am an Architect major, so this position in perfect for me. I am indeed very grateful for Indeed.com's help in finding a new job


    Campbell, CA

  • I got a job as a Senior Manager in Broomfield, CO! Search criteria is terrific, enabled me to find specific results for exact job type I was looking for. This helped me focus my job search on very precise parameters and stay focused on the goal of getting a job in contracts management.

    Broomfield, CO

  • I got a job as a hospital unit clerk at ProMedica Toledo Hospital in Toledo, OH! I searched up to three times a day on indeed.com. Obtained interviews to a few jobs. Finally landed my unit clerk job that I love! This is my third job I've landed from indeed, and I'm still working at two of them!

    Toledo, OH

  • I got a job as a Study Technician at Covance in Madison, WI! Indeed provided me with the most search results and always brought back relevant employment opportunities. Thanks, Indeed!!

    Madison, WI

  • I got a job as a RN at Alta Bates in Berkeley, CA! Indeed seems to have the listings! I got a job within a month of passing the boards.

    Berkeley, CA

  • I got a job as a Patient Access Repersentative at Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, FL! Indeed makes it so easy to find jobs! Saved me so much time not having to jump site to site and searching companies one by one.

    Jacksonville, FL

  • I got a job as a sales associate at Jcpenney's in Huntsville! I set up job alerts! As so as a job matching my description became available it sent a notification straight to my phone! I applied right then, (or whenever I had the time) and less than 1 month I had 3 job offers!!! I swear by this site!! Thanks So Much INDEED!!

    T. Robinson

    Huntsville, AL

  • I got a job as a Car Appearance Maintainer at MTA Long Island Railroad in NYC! I applied for the the CAM position with MTA LIRR through Indeed back in November 2012. The LIRR called me for an interview two months later. The LIRR staff and interviewers were extremely nice to me and made the hiring processes very comfortable. I start work this month! This is my second Job through Indeed. I love Indeed.com!!!


    New York, NY

  • I got a job as a Technical Recruiter at i-TEK Solutions, LLC in Scottsdale, AZ! The ability to easily apply to positions on Indeed helped me land my current job. I even applied for this job on my phone! It saved me so much time by building my resume on indeed and not making everything so confidential that my new employer was interested in meeting me face to face. I highly encourage friends and family members to post their full resume on Indeed because of how easy and convenient job searching is using this site. Thank you Indeed!

    Scottsdale, AZ

  • I got a job as a Dietary Aide at Genesis Health Care in Waldorf, MD! I've been searching for a job for several months since my accident,and have been unsuccessful. I've searched indeed and found many jobs that fit my skills, I applied to Genesis Healthcare and its only been posted for 2 days, so i waited and next thing you know I had gotten a call and was scheduled for an interview!! I was so excited and happy that indeed helped me get a job. I love this site and highly recommend it to anybody and everybody. Thanks So Much Indeed!!!!

    Waldorf, MD

  • I got a job as a ICU Nurse at Kingwood Medical Center in Kingwood, TX! I saw the ad on your website and applied for it and was hired. Thank you Indeed.com.


    Kingwood Area, TX

  • I got a job as a Fire Prevention Training Officer in Atlanta, GA! I have been a volunteer firefighter/EMT for 11yrs now. Have a College Degree and been working in Social Services for the past 10yrs. My love is Fire Prevention and Just glancing on Indeed.com found a position for a Fire Prevention Officer (which are VERY hard to find) in a great dept and only an hr from me. I interviewed and got the job!!! I would never know they were advertising without Indeed.com! Now I get paid to do what I love!

    Atlanta, GA

  • I got a job as a Medical Receptionist II at Baycare in Tampa, FL! I found the listing posted on Indeed.com. I am so very happy because the job offer was even better than I was expecting. I would highly recommend Indeed.com for any job searching opportunity.

    Tampa, FL

  • I got a job as a IT Office Support Specialist at Software Dimensions in Golden Valley, MN! This job actually came to me! The owner of the company saw my resume posted on Indeed and called me for an interview. I never would have known about it, as they don't post their jobs at all. So I'm very grateful.

    Golden Valley, MN

  • I got a job as a Project Coordinator in Detroit, MI! Found a great job in Detroit, MI through Indeed.com. This job is the perfect job for me. Not only do they pay well, but they are thriving company with great people. I could have never found this if it wasn't for Indeed. Keep up your job search if you are looking. Took me about 2 months from start to finish to find the perfect job for me. Don't give up. You will find something!!!

    Detroit, MI

  • I got a job as a Quality Analyst at State Government in Atlanta, GA! I was subscribed to daily job posting updates focused on a specific job type on my area. I applied to and got the job a month later.

    Atlanta, GA

  • I got a job as a Post Discharge Specialist at Humana, Inc in Overland Park, Kansas! My last day of work was Friday, December 28th, 2012. Fox News reports that the average time for unemployment is about nine months. So I applied for food stamps and unemployment benefits. I came everday, excluding New Years and MLK day and looked for using on the INDEED website. On 01-06-13 and spotted the job posting for a Post Discharge Specialist with Humana, Inc. and applied on-line. The week following, I received a phone call from Humana's HR Depatment requesting a preliminary phone interview scheduled for 01-18-2013. On 01-28-13 I received another phone call for a face-to-face interview at Humana's site in my choice city of Overland Park, Kansas. The inteview was scheduled for 01-30-2013. Following the face-to-face inteview, I was formally offered the position on 02-01-2013 with starting salary of $37,700.00. THANKS INDEED!

    Roderick Edw. Mack

    Overland Park, KS

  • I got a job as a Electrician at Dallas Globle products in Lincolnton North Carolina! Employer saw my Resume and contacted me. Only on Unemployment for one week!


    Lincolnton, NC

  • I got a job as a Customer Service Representative at Sprint in Littleton, CO! Indeed makes it easy to search for jobs and doesn't have obnoxious ads like monster or other job sites.


    Littleton, CO

  • I got a job as a Retail Specialist at Camden Aquarium in Camden, NJ! I was searching for a job, any job and I just about gave up hope. I took a chance on indeed, got an interview a week later and about a week and a half later I got an email saying I got the job. I was ecstatic, thank you soooo much indeed!

    Camden, NJ

  • I got a job as a Security at St. Maritz in New York, NY! This is the 2nd job i got because of indeed.com...Indeed makes finding jobs easy. And because of it i found a job. When i quit (or get fired...whichever comes first) I will be back on indeed.com on the job hunt again!!!

    New York, NY

  • I got a job as a Associat in North carlolina! Two months ago I sat discouraged reading all the 'I got a job' notices in indeed....wondering when my time would come. Whelp, I got a job offer yesterday !!

    Newport, RI

  • I got a job as a Medical Assistant at Medical Facility in Atlanta, GA! I want to say thanks so much to indeed for helping me finding this opportunity!!! They kept me posted with all the leads that I needed and I recieved a call and interview. I start work on monday doing what I love and thats helping people! Thanks so much Indeed.com I recommend you to anyone that is currently seeking employment.

    Atlanta, GA

  • I got a job as a Export Sales Coordinator in Gardena, CA! I sent my résumé and was contacted the same day!

    Gardena, CA

  • I got a job as a Data Base Entry Clerk at Arizona Department of Revenue in Phoenix, AZ! After my long journey of hunting for jobs on careerbuilder, jobing, monster.com, and even craigslist I stumbled upon indeed.com. I was able to narrow my search down to the city of my choice and job category. This made things so much easier for me to locate an excellent job. Soon I came across an opportunity of a lifetime working for the City of Phoenix. Enthusiastic about the unbelievable position I applied and submitted my resume. Two days later I received an email with an assessment attached. Nervously I began the test in hope that I would be successful in the end. The very next day there was an email telling me that I did an excellent job and they would like to offer me the position. In joy and happiness I screamed to the top of my lungs and I gave major praise to God and indeed.com.

    Phoenix, AZ

  • I got a job as a Store Manager at La-Z-Boy in Salem, OR! I had an email alert set for 2 years waiting for an opening for a Store Manager within the La-Z-Boy stores in certain areas we wanted to move to. One day I saw the alert with the posting in Oregon and I applied. I flew up for an interview and I got the job!


    Salem, OR

  • I got a job as a Coordinator in Philadelphia! I applied almost every day for a year to find the perfect job using indeed. I finally found a great opportunity, interviewed, and got it!


    Philadelphia, PA

  • I got a job as a Administrative Assistant at non profit in Beverly Hills! It gave me hope that people were hiring and interviews. So thanks indeed!

    Beverly Hills, CA

  • I got a job as a Disability Advocate at Cardon Outreach in The Woodlands, TX! I found the job listing on Indeed.com and applied. I was called for an interview the next day and received a job offer a few hours after my interview! I just recently relocated to the area and was happy to find a full time job so fast!

    The Woodlands, TX

  • I got a job as a Project Coordinator at OIl & Gas Firm in Houston, TX! The opening was listed on Friday morning, I was called to interview that Monday, they made me an offer that afternoon.

    Houston, TX

  • I got a job as a Executive Administrative Assistant in Salt Lake City, UT! I applied for my new job on Indeed.com Sunday evening. I was contacted by the company Monday morning and set an interview for Tuesday morning. They called me Tuesday afternoon and offered me the job.

    Salt Lake City, UT

  • I got a job as a LPN at Kindred Transitional Care & Rehab in Canal Winchester, OH! I applied to the listing and got the job! Indeed has a wonderful selection of positions available and it is the only job search engine I use!


    Canal Winchester, OH

  • I got a job as a teller at Citibank in Sacramento, CA! Indeed is the best job search engine available. Besides this position, I have had multiple other responses.

    Sacramento, CA

  • I got a job as a Sales Associate at Macy's in Beaumont, TX! It was very easy to use and very helpful. I found a job within a week if searching! Thank you indeed.com


    Beaumont, TX

  • I got a job as a college Admissions Representative in Cincinnati, OH! Indeed provided me the opportunity to find my dream job!!!

    Cincinnati, OH

  • I got a job as a cashier at smashburger in culver city, ca! smashburger was listed on indeed.com , i took a shot at it and got a call back the same day. Interviewed then I was hired. I Loooovee my job & the staff ! :)

    Culver City, CA

  • I got a job as a Administrative Assistant at The Light Foundation in Los Angeles, CA! Indeed is one of the best online website for searching jobs. It helps get desirable candidate.

    Mrs Mary

    Los Angeles, CA

  • I got a job as a Merchandiser at Coca-Cola Refreshments in Toledo, OH! I would have never known Coke was hiring if I did not see this job posting on Indeed. Also, I am pretty sure I never would have thought to apply to this Fortune 500 Company anyway! :)

    Toledo, OH

  • I got a job as a Guest Service Manager at CQ in Boston, MA! Found job on Indeed, applied with my resume.. boom! new career!


    Boston, MA

  • I got a job as a Pharmacy Claims Analyst at HealthDataInsights in Las Vegas, NV! Indeed was the best career search site I used. I was able to secure a position with a new company that was advertising on Indeed.com. Thank you Indeed!


    Las Vegas, NV

  • I got a job as a Computer / Network Technician at Stark State College in North Canton, OH! The job was posted on Indeed.com. I went to the college website, completed my application, and submitted my resume, cover letter, and recommendations. I underwent a panel interview a month later, and was offered the job several weeks afterwards. This website is extremely useful, I am visiting it once again to perform research for a class project.

    Canton, OH

  • I got a job as a Home Health Care Provider at Aspire Home Healt in Delphos, OH! I uploaded my resume & several options came up, Aspire Home Health was at the top of the list...I applied for the position & got a phone call the very next day!! I am so excited to get to work doing something that I love to do! Thanks Indeed for making it so easy =)

    Delphos, OH

  • I got a job as a Director of Search Marketing at VISISEEK in San Diego, CA! Indeed is a wonderful site that should be considered in anyone's job hunt regardless of profession across many countries. Thanks for a wonderful service, Indeed.

    J. Prentice Parton

    San Diego, CA

  • I got a job as a Assistant Manager at Rent-A-Center in Harrisonburg, VA! After four months of searching, I found the listings for Rent-A-Center on Indeed.com and began applying. After looking me over, I was hired as the Harrisonburg Store's Assistant Manager. They want to fast track me to Store Manager, then District Manager. Awesome!

    Brian Hoover

    Harrisonburg, VA

  • I got a job as a Mobile Consultant at Staples in Philadelphia, PA! I applied in the morning, received a call the same day, went in the next day, and received a job offer with a great salary the next day! All thanks to indeed, I had the shortest job search of my life and I got the exact type of job I was looking for. Thanks guys! You're awesome!


    Philadelphia, PA

  • I got a job as a Inside Sales Account Representative at Brown Enterprise Solutions in Columbus, OH! Indeed provided a feed from all the diverse job boards enabling me to notice a job posted someplace I would have never looked otherwise.


    Columbus, OH

  • I got a job as a Account Manager at Insight Global in Philadelphia, PA! Indeed helped me locate entry level jobs in the area and heped me narrow down my research with quicklinks to company links. After doing research and reviewing different companies, Insight Global was an obvious decision for me! I have been able to grow and learn a ton of professional skills while continuing my career here. I would highly recomend applying today for the Recruiter/Account Manager position! I got promoted within 8 months on the job!

    Chad Simendinger

    Philadelphia, PA

  • I got a job as a Product Development Engineer at Peerless Mfg Co. in Wichita Falls, TX! Indeed job alert kept me going on hope. The job took me 12 months to get, I had given up on it. And the twelve months later I got the call. So NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!

    Wichita Falls, TX

  • I got a job as a Cashier at MurphyUsa in Greenville, MS! I saw the post exactly when it was posted and it helped me get the interview right away.

    Greenville, MS

  • I got a job as a Analyst in Rocky HIll! I chose Indeed because it pulls multiple job boards into one. It simplified my search. Now I'm at a job closer to home, making more money, and much happier

    Rocky Peak, FJ

  • I got a job as a Sales support Stock Associate at Neiman Marcus in Walnut Creek, CA! Everyday that I had a chance I immediately logged on to Indeed.com. I applied for the newest posted jobs including the older ones. Within a matter of time I had interviews set up back to back. Indeed helps because they have active employers posting up job post and responding right away.

    Walnut Creek, CA

  • I got a job as a Localization Program Manager at Ciscto in Boxborough, MA! Love indeed.com! I don't think I could have found this job wo/this service. It would have been *way* too much work. Flat-out - I'm organized - but how could I possibly visit all potential sites? Just not possible.


    Boxboro, MA

  • I got a job as a Flight Attendant at American Eagle in Dallas, TX! The flight attendant forum was informative.

    Dallas, TX

  • I got a job as a Human Resources Manager in Los Angeles, CA! Indeed has up to date listings across diverse industries that aren't always listed on other sites and definitely not listed as quickly.

    Los Angeles, CA

  • I got a job as a Teller at Citizens Business Bank in La Canda, CA! I had posted my resume on the site and a recruiter from Citizens Business Bank looked at it and contacted me. I did not like where I was working at all and I wanted to find a place to work closer to where I live.

    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • I got a job as a Screen printer at Bowling shirts in st.louis, MO! Pretty much by posting it on the site! I called the employer and Went in for the interview the next day. I was called back for a second one and got the job!!!!! I was not out of work long at all and the news papers were not posting much in the job section,so I kept checking on the indeed web site and it worked!!!!!!!!!

    St Louis, MO

  • I got a job as a Dispatch Manager at First Freight USA in Spokane, WA! With the extensive search options I was able to come across this job. It's going to be perfect with my schedule. I start this week!

    Spokane, WA

  • I got a job as a PreK Co-Lead Teacher at Chesterbrook Academy in Chadds Ford, PA! I searched numerous job posting on indeed.com. I sent resume after resume and following landed an interview and then a job! I am very much looking forward to my job opportunity!

    Chadds Ford, PA

  • I got a job as a Customer Service Rep at Verizon Wireless in Wilmington, NC! Just by having my complete resume on Indeed. A recruiter contacted me after seeing my résumé on indeed. Now I am a full-time employee of one of the best companies to work for. This may sound corny, but I dont care, thanks Indeed!


    Wilmington, NC

  • I got a job as a consultative Sales associate in Southfield, MI! I want to thank indeed.com for their awesome job postings! When i apply for a job off indeed.com i always get some type of interview or call back! Love this site!

    Southfield, MI

  • I got a job as a Customer Service Rep II at Regus in Salt Lake City, UT! My son's girlfriend told my daughter about indeed.com when she was looking for work last year. So when I was laid off in November I asked my daughter about the site. I found the job posting on Indeed.com and it really seemed to be a good fit with my background. I talked to a recruiter first, then had an interview with the manager 2-3 days later. The recruiter called to offer me the job TWO HOURS after my interview and I start next week!! Thanks, Indeed!


    Salt Lake City, UT

  • I got a job as a Customer Returns Associate at Integrity Staffing Solutions in Las Vegas, NV! I would have never found the listing for this job if had not been for Indeed.com. Thanks so much!


    Las Vegas, NV

  • I got a job as a Director of Communications at Seton Keough High School in Baltimore, MD! Indeed connected me to an organization that I never would have normally considered for my next career move. The school is a great fit for me an my personal beliefs. For jobs, I search Indeed everytime!

    Baltimore, MD

  • I got a job as a physical therapist at sava senior care in dallas, TX! I personally feel it is the mother of all sites. It has wide range of job postings and the beauty of this site is, its very easy to browse for the selected job with no confusion even for a non; computer user like me . Thanks INDEED.


    Dallas, TX

  • I got a job as a Cage Cashier at Ameristar in Saint Louis, MO! Indeed works. This Is now the second job i have gotten through indeed. The first was at Us Bank two years ago now at Ameristar Casino now.

    St Louis, MO

  • I got a job as a Grants and Contracts Specialist at Georgetown University in Washington, DC! I saw the job posted.... applied via the school website... two months later.. got the job!

    Washington, DC

  • I got a job as a Recovery Care Coordinator at Mental Health Partners in Longmont, CO! I found the job through indeed.com, applied, and was contacted by the company. After two interviews I recieved an offer!

    Longmont, CO

  • I got a job as a Crew Member at Wendy's in Naperville, IL! I ALWAYS go to indeed.com to find a job & they never let me down. I prepare, I take my time, & FULLY understand & Complete the application. Indeed goes STRAIGHT TO THE SOURCE-Not having you jump from one website to another. It goes right to the employer. Thank You So Much!

    Naperville, IL

  • I got a job as a Team member in Atlanta, GA! It was fun and easy as also helpful. I am so happy. If I could do it, you can too.


    Atlanta, GA

  • I got a job as a LVN at Accent Care in Pleasant Hill, CA! Accent Care found my resume on this website and called me. I was invited to an interview and hired on the spot. In addition to what I normally do at Kindred Healthcare, I am visiting wound care patients in their homes. It's enjoyable to be independent and working outside of a hospital setting. I am able to make my own schedule based on what works best for my patients and me. I don't have managers micromanaging me. I get to use and hone my clinical and critical thinking skills in the home setting and learn about the vast community resources available to those in need.

    Kimberly S. Touray

    Pleasant Hill, CA

  • I got a job as a personal chef at SMU in Dallas, TX! Someone saw my resume on Indeed and next thing you know, I got a job, Thank you very much Indeed!

    Raul Acosta

    Dallas, TX

  • I got a job as a Flip Engine Specialist at Signature Offset in Boulder, CO! Indeed, you are the Best! Everyday dozens of listings! I suggested your web site to several people. Thank you!

    J. elizabeth

    Boulder, CO

  • I got a job as a Insurance Customer Service Rep at AAA - Washington in Bellevue, WA! I got a job with the help from Indeed by responding to the job posting and applying online. Thank you!


    Bellevue, WA

  • I got a job as a Case Manager at Volunteers of America in Rochester, NY! Indeed assisted me in uploading my resume and connecting me to companies that were interested in my experience and professional strengths. This is truly an ideal job for me, assisting people who are challenged with issues daily in becoming self-sufficient.

    Rochester, NY